Easy Way to Fix Play Store’ s ” Insufficient Storage Available ” Error

You should agree with me that Google’s Play
Store is the best and largest resource of
Android OS apps. It however becomes
annoying when it begins to display
unnecessary and incessantly frustrating error
messages like “Insufficient Storage
Available”. And it becomes more irksome if
Play Store displays this error when data has
been wasted to download the app. Then like
me; you begin to think of other alternatives to
the Play Store—especially when you don’t
know that the solution to this problem is as
easy as pie.
It’s pertinent that you understand how this
error message comes about and what it’s
trying tell you.
When you click the install button and accepts
app permissions on Play Store, the .apk file is
downloaded to a temporary folder. After
downloading, it begins to install the app itself.
If it “thinks” that the available memory space
is not enough to continue the downloading or
installation, it displays the “Insufficient
Storage Available” error message.
You must have noticed that I used the word
“think” in the explanation above. The reason
for this is that this error message doesn’t
always mean what it says. Sometimes, the
memory space on the device might be about
300mb and when you want to install an app
that is about 20mb, this error displays. And at
other times, there is actually not enough
memory on the device.
I will now provide a solution for either of the
two cases.
How to Fix “Insufficient Storage Available”
when There’s Actually Not Enough Memory
When you get this error message and you
discover that the app size is more than or
almost equal to the available memory space;
then the obvious step to take is to delete
some files and/or uninstall some apps that
you no longer need. And then retry the
How to Fix “Insufficient Storage Available”
When There’s Enough Memory Space
You might also see this error message even
when the available memory space is ten
times the memory size of the app you want
to install. This case of “Insufficient Storage
Available” error occurs when Play Store has
some problem with updating its cache. In this
case, what you have to do is to:
1.navigate to Settings >> Application manager
>> All.
2.Scroll down and tap on Google Play
3.Scroll down and tap “Clear cache” button.
If you are having problem executing the
above steps, then
1.delete/uninstall a file/software that’s upto
3MB even when there’s more than enough
memory space on the device.
2.Install App Cache Cleaner from Play Store
3.After installing, launch the app and wait a
couple of seconds for the apps to load
4.And finally, hit the “Clear” button.
Either of the above methods should fix
Google Play Store’s “Insufficient Storage
Available”. You can now install the desired


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