How To Set Pattern Lock In Computer Like Android

Nowadays mostly Android supported devices
are comes with pattern lock technology and it
is one of the nice & latest way to unlock
screen of mobile. But did you ever thought to
try this pattern lock in your computer ? if not
then after following this post, you will be able
to set pattern lock in your computer just like
Android devices. You can apply this pattern
lock in Windows Operating System like
Windows XP, 7 & 8.
Here we are just going to show you one small
windows supported application of pattern lock
which is very easy to use and secured too.
You can set this pattern lock after main
password screen of your computer also so
that it will add extra layer of security in your
Eusing Maze Lock is newly launched windows
supported application which is very small in
size but its work is totally secure because by
using this pattern lock in your computer, you
can add extra layer of security so that no one
can guess and break your password.
Features :
*Automatically Lock on Startup.
*Wrong password will alert you with siren
*You can set message as per your choice on
Lock screen.
*You can set background image as per your
Steps To Use :
*Firstly Download this application by clicking
on this Link CLICK HERE.
*Now you can Eusing Maze Lock pattern
window where we have to save some
*Here you can set lot of things like Reset,
backup & pattern style points.
Set pattern as per your choice by dragging
your mouse and if you want to take backup of
your pattern then select ” Backup Pattern “.
Backup pattern will be save in BMP format so
that if you forget your pattern then you can
easily check it.
*Finally click on General tab and change the
Auto lock in windows startup to ON.
*You can write your custom message in
message box below settings which you will be
able to see in lock screen.
*Finally Click OK and its Done !!


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