Schedule Whatsapp Messages

Whatsapp Message Scheduler Lite
1. Download Whatsapp Message Scheduler
Lite from the PlayStore.
2. Open the app and it will ask permission for
superuser access
Note: This app works only on a rooted android
3. Once permission has been granted it
automatically proceeds to the app.
4. It has two icons at the bottom by which
you can toggle between the pending and sent

5. To schedule a new message go to the
pending messages and you will find a new
message icon.
6. Enter the recipient’s contact number. You
will find all your Whatsapp contacts in the list
and can add multiple contacts if needed.
Group messages can also be scheduled using
this app.
7. Write the message you wish to deliver.
8. Then fix the date and time for the
scheduled message.
You have now scheduled the message. All
your scheduled messages can be found in the
pending messages.
Scheduled messages can be deleted here
using the edit button. Once the message is
delivered you will receive a delivery
notification. This is a great app and does its
intended tasks efficiently but the app is
infested with ads which is very annoying.
Whatsapp Seebye Scheduler
1. Download Whatsapp Seebye Scheduler.
Note: Just like the previous app this too
works only on rooted android phones and it
requires superuser access. After you grant
access you can move on to scheduling
2. The user interface is very clean and
simple. Just click on the ‘+’ sign to add new
3. Next you type the title of the message and
message itself.
4. As in Message Schedule Lite all the
contacts are already synced and you just
need to select them.
5. Set the date and time for your message.
Once that’s done the app will return back to
the start screen where you will find all the
messages scheduled. The messages that
have sent successfully will have inactive
written on them and active will be shown on
the messages not yet delivered.
6. This app provides the added facility of
setting frequency for your messages. So if
you want to sent a particular message to a
person daily or weekly Seebye Scheduler will
do the trick.
Even though both apps work quite similarly
their small distinct features set them apart.
The delivery alert of Message Scheduler Lite
comes in handy as you wouldn’t have to open
the app to check the delivery status of your
message. Whereas the ability to set
frequency for the message will cater to the
need of specific people. All in all both apps
work just fine and are ideal for scheduling


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