Connect USB Internet Modem to Android

Although our terminal Android offer different
options for connectivity its internet
connectivity with other devices via Wi-Fi
router option, they are also able to connect to
the internet via a USB modem . However, to
this must be compatible with the USB OTG
Imagine you’re out information on your
Android, you do not have Wi-Fi and the only
option available on your home is to use a USB
modem. Although time passes and these
devices are used somewhat less, there are
many users who still have one of them to
connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere.
Well, your phone can also connect to the
modem to access the internet, and it sure is
a lot easier than you think.

However, to be able to use your modem will
need to meet certain requirements and have
everything we indicate here: have an Android
device rooted a cable OTG for connecting the
modem a USB modem with SIM that allows us
to connect to internet, different credentials
and our service provider PPP Widget 2
application . How do we proceed if we have
everything at our fingertips? First,
interestingly, is to start at the end, ie
download the Widget PPP 2, PPP Widget not
apply to dry as often stops responding or is
not working. It is available on Google Play
Store and basically is a widget that allows us
to connect the USB modem to be compatible
with the PPP protocol (most are).
After placing the widget on our home screen,
connect the modem via the OTG cable and
allow root access. At that time, we click on
Configure and establish our credentials as
APN, username, password … If all goes well,
after clicking Connect, your modem will
connect to internet and with it our device
through Wi-Fi connectivity.


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