Install Whatsapp on PC

WhatsApp is one of the most
popular cross-platform
messaging app which allows you
to send and receive SMS without
any charges. Whatsapp has one
of largest active user base of 300
million and around 20 million in
alone India. WhatsApp can be
used on any Smartphone
Including Android, iOS,
BlackBerry, Windows Phone and
Asha platform, but what if you
want to use it in PC? yes you
can install Whatsapp on PC!
How to use WhatsApp on PC?
Installing WhatsApp on PC is
very simple. Just follow below
steps to download and Install
WhatsApp on PC or Laptop.
Requirement to use WhatsApp
on PC or Laptop:
A Laptop or PC with Windows OS
Working Internet Connection
How to Install WhatsApp on PC:
Below I have listed Two methods
to Install Whatsapp on PC, follow
the easiest one for you.
Download and Install WhatsApp
on PC using BlueStacks.
Download and Install WhatsApp
on PC using Wassapp.
Method 1: To download and
Install Whatsapp on PC using
Step 1: Download BlueStack (free
Windows Application)
Download BlueStacks for
Step 2: After Finishing the
Download Double Click on
Downloaded File, Click Continue,
Click Install.
Step 3: Now Download WhatsApp
APK File
Downlaod WhatsApp APK
Step 4: After Finishing the
Download Double Click on
Downloaded WhatsApp APK file.
Step 5: Now whatsApp will
install in your PC.
Step 6: Now Open BlueStacks
(Click on BlueStacks icon in your
Step 7: Now in BlueStacks >>
Click on My Apps.
Step 8: Now you’ll see WhatsApp
>> Click on it.
Step 9: Accept Terms and
Step 10: Type your Mobile
Number in the Field
Note: First type your Country
Code like 91 for India and then
your Mobile Number
Step 11: Now WhatsApp will try
to verify your number, but it will
show fail message.
Step 12: Now click on Call Me >>
You’ll receive a automatic call
with a confirmation number,
write down that number .
Step 13: Now type the received
number in verification field and
your done!
Enjoy WhatsApp on PC!


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