How to use your smartphone camera as CCTV

CCTV Camera is stands for
Closed-Circuit television Camera.
It is used to record and watch
all activities in your home, shop,
college or organisation. It is
costly in price. But today I am
going to introduce a method
which will help you to use your
smartphone as CCTV camera.We
used this method on my android
phone so I will tell you step by
step tutorial of this technique
for android users. Here are some
steps listed below, just read and
follow them carefully.
Requirements : Android
Computer or laptop Wifi router
of one more phone to make wifi
Step : 1 Download IP WEBCAM
app on your android
Step : 2 Now start IP WEBCAM
SERVER app on your phone as
shown in below given first
screenshot. It will open camera
on your phone also shows you
an IP Address assigned to your
phone by WiFi Router. [In my
case it is ] ip-
Step : 3 Open your web browser.
I suggest you Chrome because it
has inbuilt flash player which
will help you to stream video ,
captured by your phone camera.


One thought on “How to use your smartphone camera as CCTV

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