How to Increase RAM on Android Phone

We know Android operating
system is one of the best
operating system in the world.
Imagine you have an all
featured functionality android
phone with a low RAM size so that you cannot perform
Also you cannot play the
wonderful games like grand theft
auto, vice city, spider man etc. We
will help you to overcome this
kind of issue with a superior app.
Expander which makes a file
called swap file in SD card as a
virtual RAM. This swap file can be
used inall phones to support in
their kernel.
Now I explain about this new
technology in brief. Just
analyze and take it as a right
action for your android device.
RAM Expander
RAM expander is an application that
uses part of your SD card as
RAM and speed up your phone
but you must have a large
memory card and an android
device which supports SWAP
technology. Its great
features are:
SWAP file RAM expansion up to
· Free SD card memory as a RAM
· Autorun
· There is no limit on Sap
· Easy foolproof use
· The usual performance
degradation when paged not
occur with SD card from class 6
· Widget for PNP SWAP
· Swappiness kernel parameter
· To support Tung all Android
These full featured RAM
Expander is compatible for you.
But one thing I reveal here. How
to check compatible or not?
Before you buy this app, just
check that if your android is
compatible or not. To verify if
your kernel support swap or not.
If it ok then proceed next step.
Step 1: download the Apps from
Android Market.
Click here to Download Paid
Click here to Download Free
Version (this is another app to
increase RAM , working process
are same)
Step 2: just to follow the
guidelines for swapping your
android device.
Step 3: in that appearing
window, you need to select the
language you want when you
will open the application for the
first time.
Step 4: to choose optimal then
click Swap Activ to create SWAP
file and to enable it.
Step 5: After it complete, click
on the grey box to complete the
process and activate SWAP in
your android device.
Now ready to access the RAM.
You can enjoy all the access
with fast speed.try it and enjoy
it. Stay tune with us for the
technical information.


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