Remove Shortcut Virus

We use Pendrives often and
when we plug in our pen drive,
memory cards or even mobile
phone through USB cable into
our windows PC USB port
we are annoyed to
see our files changed into
shortcut files, even this shortcut
virus affects PC Hard disks.
How to remove virus using cmd
( command prompt ) ?
What is Shortcut Virus?
I have seen this problem in PC
having antivirus too, when your
Pen drive, PC, Hard Disk, Memory
cards or mobile phone got
infected by some anonymous
malware, they change your files
into shortcuts with the original
folder icons.
Hide or unhide a folder using
cmd in Windows
Just follow the below given steps
to remove, delete, wipe out or
whatever the shortcut virus from
your pen drive, memory cards or
even mobile phone and recover
back your files.
Follow the below Steps:
•Go to Start -> Run -> cmd.
•Go to your pen drive, memory
cards or even mobile phone
•Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*
•Replace e with your drive letter.
•And then press a gentle Enter.

Note : After when you got your
files, just copy your files
somewhere in your PC and
format your drive and then copy
again your files to the drive.
Only then your shorcut virus will
get off from your PC…!
You can recover your files
through Winrar.
• Open WINRAR Application.
• Navigate to your Pendrive
location or PC Folder location.
• Copy Files and Paste where you
• Format your Pendrive.
Note: If the Drive gets infected
again and again ” Do a Boot
Time Scan Using Avast Antivirus”


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