Get Free Domains like .pk/.tk/.ga/.cf/.ml

Its not a big deal to get a free
domain maybe many people also
know about this but this is for those
who are new registering free domain.
1st Step – Goto http://
2nd Step – Type your desired domain
address which you want to register
also select your desired domain
initials like .tk/.ga/.cf/.ml
3rd Step – Then you will see
something like this
4th Step – Now choose dns option &
click on the tab which shows your
own dns
5th Step – Now enter server names
you got from your hosting provider &
choose domain period also enter
verification code so all done just
register it..
You Got Your Free Domain …
Stay Tuned I’m Going To Write
Tutorials on How To Get .com
Domain Soon.
Many Peoples Think These Type Of
Domian Doesn’t Rank In Search
Engines But Remember One Thing In
This Current Optimized Internet
World Domain Doesn’t Matter Only
Seo Matters


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