Whatsapp Messenger is a cross
platform instant messaging
application.Whatsapp is certain
really the foremost fashionable
instant electronic messaging for
Messenger is available for iPhone,
BlackBerry, Android, Windows
Phone and Nokia and yes, those
phones can all message each
other!.I am sure you all have
heard of it if you are not using
it . These are the some whatsapp
hack or tricks you should know if
you are using whatsapp.
1.Whatsapp Trick to spy on some
other account
So if you people have observed
you can not have your whatsapp
account logged in in two devices.
Means session is given to only 1
mac address. If the MAC [ Media
Access Control ] address of the
device requesting access changes
then whatsapp asks you to re-
verify your account!
And common, “whatsapp people”
you think Mac address cant be
spoofed. But yeah Nice try
whatsapp developer’s :p
Here is how to do it-
You need to get access to victim
phone to get the victims phone
“MAC address + the verifying
massage” which is received to
verify your device. Get mac
address on your android phone.
Finding MAC address on a
Android Phones
On your HOME screen, click on
Click on About Phone.
Click on Status.
And VIEW your Wi-Fi MAC

As soon the message s received
Push the “MAC address” +
“Verifying code” to your server or
mail it your ID. That depends on
your convince. Spoof your
phone’s MAC address to your
Victims address using this tutorial
and install whatsapp and type
the “verify code”. And done guys.
You get complete access to the
victims whatsapp ID.. where as
you can keep spying/watching
your victims movements 😀 i.e 2
people – U + ur victim are using
the same ID from different
2.Whatsapp trick to use it
without using your number !!
This hack works by tricking the
WhatsApp Verification Servers by
sending a spoofed request for an
authorisation code intended for
an alternative phone.
1.Install WhatsApp on your
device WhatsApp now starts a
counter where it sends a
verification message to its
2.Block the messeage service it
can be blocked by changing the
message center number or
pushing the phone into Airplane
3.WhatsApp now offers an
alternative method of verification
Choose verify through SMS and
fill in your email address. Once
you click to send the SMS click
cancel to terminate the call for
authorisation to the WhatsApp
4.Now You have to do sms
You can do it using this link For
Check your outbox and copy the
message details into the spoofer
application and send the spoofed
-Iphone users can use this :To:
+447900347295 From: +(Country
code)(mobile number) —-victims
Message: (your email address)
5. You will now receive messages
intended for the spoofed number
on your mobile device and you
can communicate with people
under the spoofed number
3.Whatsapp Trick for Images
This is one the most popular
trick.. Users can Hide image
inside another image using
android Application name
“Magiapp” or iphone application
”FhumbApp” Using this app you
can send Picture in another
picture in whatsapp only.Images
tell you the story how to do it
with Magiapp. There is no
alternative available for Windows
(If you know let us know by
below comment section).
4. Access to Profile Pics Of your
Contacts On Whatsapp
For security and privacy reason
whatsapp doesn’t allow us to
download the profile pics of our
contacts on whatsapp
messenger.But the truth is that it
automatically downloads the
pictures when you click on
somebodys picture to view it!!!
These images are stored in a
private folder named profile
pictures which can be found
here /sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile
Pictures and the image name of
picture is contact number of your
WhatsApp Contact. So if you
want to keep that picture just
copy that picture in someother
folder in your sdcard.
5. Whatsapp Trick to Change
Friends Profile Picture(to troll
them )
Ya its possible!!.but only on your
own phone so you can troll them
by using it.
This is how you do it
Step 1. Choose a picture for your
friend which you want to replace
with your friend profile pic and
download it.
Step2. Now Rename the Image
with your Friends Mobile
Number. For example , I will
change it to 9785****** of my
Step3. Resize the image to 561 *
561 using paint by following
these steps:
Right Click the image and “Open
Press Ctrl + W and check “by
Set the values to 561 Height and
561 Width
Ctrl + S to Save it.
Step 4. Now just save the image
into your device on the path “/
Step 5. Turn of WiFi or
Deactivate data network for a
while.(till you prank your friend)
. as his real profile picture will
not Download then
Step 6: Show and Appreciate him
for his new profile picture by
showing him and he is trolled.


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