Nokia Multiscanner-Recognize Text With Camera

With Nokia Multiscanner you’re
able to use your phone like a
The applicaton is using Optical
Character Recognition (OCR)
technology to identify letters
It gives really good results on
my old Nokia N95 8GB.
Application is also working very
successfully in poor light.
Don’t forget… In the near future,
Nokia Multiscanner will become
the translator in your pocket
Here is an example of Converted
Language libraries are stored in
the device and can be updated
over the air (OTA)
directly to the mobile.
The language library for an
alphabet language, for example
English, French, or Greek,
requires approximately 600
kilobytes; and for a character-
based language, for example
Chinese or Japanese, 3
megabytes is required.
After installing Multiscanner: In
send section you will see “To
Text Recognizer” section. You
can also scan pictures inside
your memory
Tested & worked on E71,E66,N95
& Failed on E63,5800


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