We All are Aware of Messaging
app Called Whatsapp, We Use it
daily and no doubt We Love it,
But have you been in a
Situation when you accidently
delete an important message
on Whatsapp and you don’t
know what to do next? Well
Touch screen devices are great
to use but many a times it
frustrates you,when you tap on
wrong option and things
happens which you don’t
wished to do.
Many of you might not know
that there are ways to Get back
Deleted Whatsapp Messages.
Today in this post i will share a
method to Get back Deleted
Whatsapp Messages on your
Android phone.
Only Few Knows that Whatsapp
Creates backup of all the data
each day at 4 am (system time)
Which is Stored in the SD card
of your Android Smartphone.
Follow the below simple steps
and i will show you to Get back
Deleted Whatsapp Messages.
Step 1) First of all Navigate to
the Whatsapp database folder,
you will require file explorer
for this task. the path is >
Step 2) In the Database folder
you will see Chat files which
are with names similar like
You may notices the file names
have dates as well. but there is
a File which is
msgstore.db.crypt, we need to
rename it. you can add any
word before msgstore.db.crypt.
Step 3) After renaming that
file, From the other Files just
select the file which shows
appropriate date before you
accidently deleted your
whatsapp messages, and then
rename that file to
msgstore.db.crypt. This
Renaming process can also be
done on your PC by Connecting
your device.
Step 4) Now the Final step,
applications>Whatsapp and
Click on Clear Data. Now open
Whatsapp, Choose Restore
when it prompts. Thats it, the
chat file saved as
msgstore.db.crypt will be
restored and hence your
messages too.
On Reaching here, you Need to
Click on Restore instead of No
Bonus: In Case if you have
deleted any Image or Audio or
Video from your whatsapp
chat, then do not worry, its not
deleted forever untill you
delete it. To view that image or
Video all you have to do is with
the help of your Preferred file
Manager, Navigate to sdcard/
WhatsApp/Media Where you
will find folders with names
Whatsapp Audio, Whatsapp
images, Whatsapp video, Open
them up to find the file you
are looking for.



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