Unroot android
1.Click the “Play Store” icon on
your phone’s Home screen. You
can get to the home screen by
pressing the Home button if
your particular phone has that.
Otherwise, you can also get
there by clicking the “Apps”
button and then scrolling over
to it. The apps are listed
2.Click the spyglass icon in the
top right. Type in “ota
rootkeeper” to search for the
free app. You should see it in
the search results. Click on it to
open the installation screen.
3.Click the “Install” button in
the top right to install the
application on your phone. Make
sure you have space on your
phone so that you get a clean
4.Open the application by
clicking “Open” in the
installation screen. You can also
access the app from the “Apps”
button on your phone.
5.Hit the button marked- “Temp.
un-root (keeps backup).” Your
phone is now temporarily
unrooted. If you’d like to make
it more permanent, click the
“delete su backup” button. You
can then click “Restore Root”
whenever you want to bring the
root back.


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