Here is the list of Best 10
Antivirus Applications of 2012.
Most of these come with
following testing certifies.
ICSA Certified
VB100% Certified
W.C.L Level 1 Certified
W.C.L Level 2 Certified
01. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Antivirus often
treated as the best available
Antivirus application and has a
special version for file servers.
It covers almost all sections
needed for a top class security.
Kaspersky provides hourly
virus definition update to keep
you up-to-date.
02. BitDefender Antivirus
BitDefender is one of the best
antivirus with top class
defending ability. It provides
hourly definition updates for
latest threats. BitDefender
comes with P2P File Sharing
and Registry Startup Protection
but lacks Email scanning.
03. Trend Micro
Trend Micro is a well-known
and popular antivirus with
Spyware and Adware
Protection. It has some great
features including Remote File
Lock that safeguards your
private files in case your laptop
is lost or stolen. But lacks P2P
File Sharing and Registry
Startup Scanning.
04. Norton Antivirus
Norton Antivirus is one of the
most popular and well-known
antivirus application. The latest
version has the ability to map
your wireless home network
and safeguards your wi-fi
networks. Recently Norton has
introduced a special version for
gaming PCs known as Norton
2009 Gaming Edition. It comes
with daily virus definition
update but no support for P2P
File Sharing and Registry
Startup Protection.
05. McAfee Antivirus
McAfee is one of the leading
antivirus in security industry.
McAfee introduced 2 features
ScriptStopper and
WormStopper. But it has no
support for P2P File Sharing,
Instant Messenger and Registry
Startup. The inbuilt updater
updates virus definitions on a
regular basis to keep your up-
06. Panda Antivirus Pro 2009
Panda Antivirus comes with a
new feature call UltraFast scan
engine that scan almost 30%
faster compared to other
antivirus applications. It has
few unique features as follows
Identity protection through
Anti-Phishing Filter and
Anti-Banking Trojans Engine
Panda Antivirus has an
advanced heuristic scan
which maximum possible
identity theft
Inbuilt Personal Firewall
07. ZoneAlarm Anti-virus
The latest version of ZoneAlarm
antivirus comes with strong
removal ability of most
dangerous viruses and
multilayered security for your
PC. But it is not certified by
any of the three major
independent testing labs Virus
Bulletic, Checkmark, or ICSA.
Zone Alarm scans uses lesser
possible system resources.
08. ESET NOD32 Antivirus
NOD32 is one of the leading
antivirus applications with
feature like
Blocking all attempts to
collect and forward your
personal and confidential
Provides best protection
against zero day threat and
Virus definition updates
comes in very small size
compared to others
Multi layered protection
including real-time email
09. AVG Antivirus
AVG is one of oldest and widely
used antivirus. Latest version of
AVG comes with a clean
interface and the core scanning
engine changed for better
performance with multi-core
processors. Now the AVG
Antivirus comes with two
separate standalone
applications AVG anti-spyware
and AVG Antirootkit to give
your best possible security.
10. Avast Antivirus
Avast Antivirus software is a
virus protection program that
detects and removes viruses
and spyware. Going beyond the
basics, Avast Antivirus has a
few features that make it
unique from other antivirus
programs on the market.


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