Top 5 Countries with world’s fastest
1. Hong kong has the worlds fastest
internet speed. It has blazing fast
internet, an average peak speed of 63.6
Mbp megabits per seconds. At this
speed you can download HD movie in
about 2 minutes.
2 Japan
Speed: 50 Mbp
The home of Nintendo and Sony had
the second fastest internet speed,
thanks to the high-speed fibre optics
that run through many parts of the
island nation. Japan’s average peak
broadband speed reached an
impressive 50 Mbps, which was more
than 170% faster than the global
3 . Romania
Speed: 47.9 Mbp
When last checked in on Romania, it
was ranked No. 5 and was the only
country to see its average fall from the
previous quarter. The country is now
back on track, and has elevated itself
with an average peak speed of 47.9
Mbps. That’s 160% faster than the
global average. Romania’s average was
9% higher than the previous quarter
4. South Korea
Speed: 44.8 Mbp
Serious PC gamers who want to
dominate in StarCraftneed fast, low
latency internet connections. They’ll
find that in South Korea, home to
consumerelectronics giants Samsung
and LG. The country’s average peak hit
44.8 Mbps, about 143% faster than the
global average. It was the only region
to lose speed compared with a year
5. Latvia
Speed: 44.2 Mbp
Smaller countries are easier to blanket
with high-speed internet, which is one
of the reasons why Latvia consistently
ranks high on this list.


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