Top 10 Unknown Google tricks of all
1. Definition: there is no longer the
need to type a word and then visit
dictionaries online to find its meaning.
Using this trick, all you need to do is
simply write “define” followed by the
word whose meaning you want to
You will be amazed to see that the
meaning of the word, along with its
synonym and antonym will be
displayed on the search engine. For
instance, type “define reach” and then
press enter. The meaning of the word
will get displayed on your screen.
2. Phone number lookup: it is now
possible to trace mobile number by
simply typing the full number along
with the area code. This will display the
address as well as the name of the
person under whose name the
number is registered.
3.Local search: you can now find local
restaurants and other landmarks with
this trick. Simply go to “Google visit”
and type the name of the area and the
place which you want to find. It is
capable of displaying all local
landmarks and places.
4.Translate: the “Google language tool”
comes very handy while translating
text, words, a fully fledged web page or
document on the internet.
5.Find movies and weather: All you
need to do is type “movies” or
“weather” in the search box followed
by the area code or name of the state
in order to display corresponding
information regarding it. For instance,
if you type “weather 12345”, weather
conditions of the corresponding
location will be displayed. Also, on
typing “movies 12345”, the details of all
the movies currently running at that
place along with number of shows will
get displayed.
6.Paged linked to you: You can now
find the web pages and links that are
connected with your blog or website.
Simply type “link” followed by the URL
of your website and you will get a list of
all the pages connected with your
7.Tracking airline flights and packages:
this is another handy trick. You can
now find the arrival time and status of
a flight by simply entering the name of
the airline and corresponding flight
8.Calculator: you can use the Google
search engine as a real time calculator
as well. For instance, if you will type
25+25 in the search box, 50 will get
9.Stocks: all you need to do is type the
stock symbol on Google and you will
get information about stock rates, links
as well as charts. For instance, to know
about the stock details of “Microsoft”,
you have to write “msft” on Google.
10.Finding PDF results only: to get
results matching only a certain file type,
simply type “fileType:” after your
search. Online manuals can be found
using this trick from Google.


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