Now huge screen android phone
spread all over the world. Every
buddy wants to have one big
screen android mobile in their
pocket. These types of phones
make watch movies and videos so
interesting. The more resolution
your phone has more clarity you
going to see in your gaming,
movies and video. Now mostly
every average family member has
mobiles. Now you see small kids
also interested to have mobile.
all know that they don’t use
for talking. They mostly use for
gaming, listening music and
watching movies. For gaming we
don’t need any player until we
mobile games only. We need
players only for music and video.
1. MX Player
It’s the most popular video player
in android market. I don’t think
any video
player stand anyway near to this
player in terms of popularity and
stars rating. It can play most of
the video formats. It’s the first
android player that’s supports
multi core decoding which
video performance. There are
options in this player but my
favorite are kid lock and auto
resumes. If you didn’t finish
watching any movie or video and
exit the app the next time you
open this app it will open your
movie at the same time where
leftit isn’t great.
2. BS Player
It’s a nice looking video player. It
works with armv5 to arm7 CPU
devices. The
best feature i liked in this player
that you can search and
download subtitles without
exiting the app.
It also a hardware accelerated
video player. Graphic looks
stunting in it the pause/play,
previews buttons looks realistic
can change them as well. Some
features of this player multi core
HW decoding, background
multiple audio streams and it can
play compressed videos in RAR
as well.
3. Mobo Player
It’s the third best android video
available on android market. This
app can play almost 90% of video
format on high resolution. You
stream online videos via HTML or
RTSP. It will show you Thumbnails
of the video by default while
you’re searching any movie/video.
Graphics of this player is simple
but effective overall nice app.
4. Easy Video Player pro
It not just an ordinary
video player you can call
it private video player also. Yes if
you have
some private videos that you
want to show to others then you
can simply hide those video with
this app. Video management
system also impressive in this you
just have to press scan and it will
scan and display your all video in
different sections for example
downloaded video, YouTube
etc. you can transfer/download
videos from/to other devices with
Wi-Fi connection.
5. Mobo Video Player Pro
Don’t get confuse after seeing
Mobo player
it’s not pro version of Mobo
its completely different video
player compare to Mobo player
third number in this list. It’s a
different player from different
It’s a pro version of Mobo video
player from video team. It
supports almost all popular video
formats. They updated their
plugins and optimized this
with additional playing memory
smoother performance. You will
gesture feature as well with
improved UI.
6. Real Player®
You might know this video player
because it’s a popular video
in computers. It’s can do many
things like playing mp3, videos
searching YouTube videos and
them. There are many features in
it like voice command,
videos, FM, sharing on Social
media, home widget and few
Even though it got the mix
response from users it got the
place in top 10.
7. QQ Player
The interface looks quite simple in
this app. But the latest
update improved
this app because now it supports
mostly all video format like 3GP,
MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV and etc.
they also added few plug ins to
supports subtitles also. You will
get better quality and smoother
video player with less power in
player if you have low end device.
But I still feel this app need some
more improvement in user
interface and landscape view.
8. FLV Video Player
It’s a limited app it only run FLV
videos as you see in name FLV
player. This is the big issue for
this app its works only for FLV
videos. Since the adobe system
has stopped flash player plugins
for mobiles this app was the only
way to watch FLV files but now
mostly all video players supports
FLV format. It works only for
android 2.2 with minimum
RAM. Many issue with it but still
it’s on 8th place in this
9. VLC for Android Beta
We all know VLC player because
the best video player for playing
all video format in our computer.
But in android world it jumps little
late now many video players
already set their place in android
user’s heart. It’s free video player
like others but it’s still in a beta
version and it works only for
CPU devices. The future update
might come for armv6 devices.
Overall we should give them time
to improve it because we all know
VLC is a big name right now it’s
buggy and need fix it soon. But
still it’s on 9th place because of
armv7 devices only.
10. Meridian Media Player Fusion
This video player app is the most
customizable app in android
market. This app got advanced
video/music folder
settings you can include and
delete folder anytime you want
with this app. You can scan your
media with this app toolkit and
also clear media database. You
customize tabs interface as well.
But the default interface is quite
simple like default video player.
We all know every app developer
say their app is the best in
android market/Google play. But
for us the best app is only those
which improve their feature every
week or month and listen to
users review and feedback. These
apps also have some issues but
these app improving and getting
updated at least every month
excluding FLV player (I think there
is some adobe issue). The top 3
players in this list are users
favorite video players in terms of
UI, smoothness and features. …


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