Hello friends online ip changing is
very common these days.You
may also be changing your ip
online sometimes by using ip
hiding softwares or using any
vpns.Well one thing i discovered
is that the ip hiding softwares you
use eats up all your bandwith and
makes your internet very slow
while u are using them.Well using
vpns is also a case but the fact is
that they are not always free to
use and so as you had to pay
them if you want to use
them.Why you need to change
your ip is the case in which you
wants to become anonymous to
the big sites because may be they
are blocked in your region or you
likes being anonymous online.Or
may be some big sites block some
certain ips and if you fall in that ip
region and want to access that
site then there is only a single way
to access that site which is
changing your ip.So today i am
going to tell u abour the quickest
way by which you can hide your
ip from any site online and that
for free and without downloading
any crappy software.
The Quickest Way To Hide
Your Ip
1)First of all go to the site you
want to hide your ip from.Like
2)Now at the beginning of add “”
and for example:
3)Now open that url.
4)Now click on the “Hide Me”
5)Thats it now your ip is changed
and you can enjoy surfing with
your newer ip.
Do tell us if the method worked
for you or not in the comments.


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