Simple tips to save battery of your android phone
1. Turnoff WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth
when not in use.
2. Turnoff Live Wallpapers.
3. Reduce the brightness to
4. After setting up a Google
account,in order to increase the
standby time,disable the auto
sync.[settings>accounts and
sync>untick the auto-sync]
5. Install a time sensitive power
manager like Airplane auto-switch
from the android
market,which automatically
turnsoff all radio connections
during sleep,which saves lots of
power[turnoff and turn on time
can be set by user].
6. Close unnecessarily running
7. Disable 3G while you are not
browsing[2G is best for calls and
8. Place the phone,such that it get
good signal reception[More
battery is wasted when you have
low or no reception].
9. Use software’s like juice
defender for managing
10. If you have low battery and
you are sure you will not have
incoming calls,switch the Flight
mode on. …


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