Friends, I think you all know
about Tethering in your android
phone. Tethering is the
technique to share internet
from your android phone to
your PC or laptop. Tethering
can be done by two methods.
First one is by USB and second
one is by Wi-Fi. But friends,
sometimes a situation comes
when you have internet access
on your pc but not on your
android device and you don’t
have Wi-Fi hotspot also. Then
what will you do if you want to
access same internet on your
android phone ?
No problem friends, I have
already faced this problem so I
am writing this post to help you
to overcome from this
situation. But one and only
limitation of this trick is that
you should have rooted android
phone and if you have rooted
phone then keep reading this
post. I will try to help you step
by step.
Do you know this technique of
using PC internet on android
phone is known as Reverse
Tethering. So lets start reverse
tether your android phone.
First of all Download Android
Reverse Tethering.rar [4.55
MB] On your pc. Now Extract the
When you will extract the folder
you’ll see some files in that
folder but you have to open
AndroidTool.exe as shown in
below screenshot.
Now just enable DEBUGGING
MODE in your android device
and connect it with your pc
using your data cable.
Now refresh the device list in
the AndroidTool.exe as shown
in below screenshot and you
will see your device there.
After getting your device in list
just click on that and then click
on connect. Wait for some
seconds and done. Enjoy your
pc internet on your android
device. If you still have any
problem then feel free to ask
below in comment section.


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