If you have downloaded a
software from Any Website and it
is 120mb & it is failed in middle
of download, do not be panic
follow few steps given below your
file will
be resumed instantly.
Just you have to follow these
steps carefully ::
Follow these steps to resume
failed downloading file ::
just minimize opera. go to ur
memory card where u download
the file just rename the files first
later to any thing like a,b,c,etc.
then again go to opera then press
restart wait when download start
0.1/120mb then pause it and
minimise again go to the same
folder and delete the new file and
rename the old download file to
the real one. ex- at first u
download so
change m to a and go to opera
and restart download. when it is
0.1/120mb pause it and go to
same folder delete the new
file and rename the old one to then go to opera
and resume the file.
i tested it 100% working.
Files names and their size are
given here for examples only .
If you found this helpful
please Like this….


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